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    The NCPC has provided cybersecurity training to states and communities for over a decade

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    The NCPC conducts research to further refine the efficacy of cybersecurity programs

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    The NCPC assists communities in improving their cybersecurity posture

NCPC The Consortium

The NCPC is the premier cybersecurity consortium in the nation. As early as 2004, in partnership with DHS/FEMA, the individual members of the NCPC have developed and delivered DHS/FEMA certified online and face-to-face training courses to an array of states, counties, local jurisdictions and critical infrastructure components nationwide addressing cybersecurity and cyber terrorism concerns.

The mission of the NCPC is to provide research-based, cybersecurity-related training, exercises and technical assistance to local jurisdictions, counties, states and the private sector.

The consortium is organized around the Community Cyber Security Maturity Model (CCSMM) that emphasizes cybersecurity as being the responsibility of the "whole community". The whole community includes the public and private sectors as well as any individual within the community who accesses the Internet or a computer network. The NCPC is based on the idea that cybersecurity response is better and more effective if collaborating to provide real solutions rather than individual training concepts.

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