The Criminal Justice Institute

U0fAThe Cyberterrorism Defense Initiative (CDI) is a training program within the University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute (CJI). Through funding from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Training and Education Division (NTED), CDI staff has developed and delivered two (2) courses provided at no cost to technical personnel working in both the public and private sectors within our Nations critical infrastructure.

Comprehensive Cyberterrorism Defense provides participants with the hands-on expertise necessary to defend data and communication networks from cyberterrorism events. Course participants are introduced to cyber-defense tools that will assist them in monitoring their computer networks and implementing cybersecurity measures to prevent or greatly reduce the risk of a cyber-based attack against our nation’s critical cyber infrastructure.

Cyberterrorism First Responder (CFR) focuses on emergency response to a cyber-based attack that has crippled or disabled critical cyber infrastructure. CFR prepares cyber first responders to effectively counter any type of cyber-based attack and restore critical infrastructure as quickly and efficiently as possible. Course participants are trained to use cyberterrorism response tools against real world simulated cyber attacks, and learn the proper steps of incident response to include incident assessment, detection and analysis, and the containing, eradicating and recovering process from a system or network-based attack.
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